FNB Premier Credit Card: how to order? Find out here

FNB Premier Credit Card: how to order? Find out here

There are some who still find themselves in some kind of vicious circle when it comes down to money and purchases. That’s why the FNB Premier Credit Card should be your best friend at times like this, especially if you identify yourself by that brief description.

You will see next: the advantages of having a FNB Premier Credit Card and everything you need in order to get yours.

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Avant Card Fast Application Process With No Hidder Fees

About the FNB Premier Credit Card

By obtaining this card, you will not only increase your buying power, but also get a full-time support, available for you 24/7 assisting you from wherever you are. And that’s not all. There are plenty of benefits waiting for you, such as the eBucks Rewards membership, that can give you some cashback.

How to apply for the FNB Premier Credit Card

You can apply online by clicking this link and filling up the requested information.To obtain FNB Premier Credit Card, you must have an annual salary between R300.000 and R749.999 and agree with a monthly fee of R8.50.You also need some documents such as a South African ID book/card, a recent payslip, a proof of residence and a spousal consent (if married in community of property).

FNB Premier Credit Card benefits and advantages

  • Whenever you need assistance and wherever you are, there will always be a team of ready to guide you on your doubts, rewards and benefits. They can also help you at managing your account and even investments with FNB, to get insurance for yours valuables and so on.
  • There are rewards like the eBucks Rewards Membership which grants you some cashback in specific situations and places – conditions may apply.
  • Get covered by the Free Comprehensive Global Travel Insurance no matter where you are in the world. On the first 90 days of your journey, when you purchase your return travel ticket, you will get up to R10 million coverage. If you are accompanied, those who went along with you can be covered too, up to a limit of 8 travel tickets. 
  • Through the Online Banking, you can easily manage your account anytime you want with no subscription fee. The FNB Banking App is fast, easy and secure.  

FNB Premier Credit Card rates

Credit Facility service fee R8.50 Initiation fee (once-off) 

Up to a maximum of R175 Credit Card Account fees Premier 

Credit Card monthly account fee R37.50 

Minimum balance for monthly account fee and Credit Facility service fee to be waived R10 000 in your Premier Select Cheque Account or R10 000 in any of FNB’s Savings and Investment Accounts or in your Savings Account.

FNB Premier Credit Card phone and address


  • 087 577 7000

Operating hours

  • 24 hours


  • premier@fnb.co.za


  • If you are dialing from outside South Africa, dial the number below first followed by the 087 number above when prompted.
    Tel:+27 11 371 3711

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Designed for premium users, this card will unlock a wide range of exclusive features and benefits, allowing you to live your life by high standards. It should meet your needs and be within your yearly income. By the price of a small monthly fee, you may find yourself safe and sound with FNB.